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ChemBlocks Inc is a research-based manufacturer and world-wide supplier of various novel advanced building blocks and research chemicals for drug discovery. We have a good working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, which helps us understand the needs of the medicinal chemist and the industry. We focus on various advanced building blocks having biological and pharmacological bias. Please see Product Category and New Products for the demon of part of our products.
Most of our catalog products are available in sizes from gram-scale to semi-bulk quantity, no need to synthesize them. We can deliver them from 2-5 days domestically and 3-7 days internationally for the in stock items. Product quality is of paramount importance. We offer customers the highest quality and the purity in our building blocks.
Custom synthesis is another important part of our business. We can make various organic chemicals from the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price. Please see Custom synthesis page for more details.
With the growth of our business and international connection with other suppliers, we also provide sourcing and manufacture service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any chemistry needs.
We are a fast-paced company. Most enquiries can be answered in 2-24 hours.
ChemBlocks Inc is a trusted, service-oriented company.